UPDATED! Spooky Songs for the Halloween Season

Reblogging because of a publishing issue. Basically, three of the songs I *thought* had been included in the final version were inexplicably missing… so here’s the updated post with the three songs added in.


UPDATED! Sooo… I just found out today that the official version of this post which was actually published on my blog was missing three songs that I had originally added to the post. I am so ticked off. I put all that work into it and yet it doesn’t even publish the full version! Agh! My mom says it’s probably a villain messing with me. I agree with her. Stupid villains. This is what I get for dedicating a whole month to them? Anyways, sorry about all this. I hope you enjoy the three missing songs.


There are lots of shows and movies that I traditionally watch every Halloween season, but there are also many songs that I love to listen to once October rolls around. Though Halloween-themed music isn’t a plentiful as Christmas music (which seems to mostly take the same few songs and make dozens of different…

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