Introducing the Villain Showdowns

Tomorrow, evil will be coming to Valourbörn. Villains will be amassing, bringing their best evil schemes and competing for the title of the worst of the worst, the evilest of the evil, the baddest of the bad.

Villain Showdowns are coming to Valourbörn.

For the next week, villains will be competing for your votes. There will be five different categories, each with three villains, and they will be posted one each day from Monday to Friday. Then the top villain from each category will be entered into the final round. From there, two villains will emerge victorious, to be revealed on Halloween night.

So be sure to come show your support for your favourite villains and cast your votes! Spread the word–the more voters to fuel the competition, the better.

This is what Villain Awareness Month is all about–celebrating those who make our lives miserable.

Hope to see you all there!



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