100 Evil Schemes

Hello, hello.

I’ve got another challenge for you guys, and this one’s all about villains.

For this challenge, I’m looking for schemes, evil schemes.

It doesn’t matter how long/short/serious/funny your scheme is–we’re after schemes of all types! The aim is to get as close to 100 (or as high above it) as we can, so feel free to post multiple schemes, as many times as you’d like. I’ll also add to the list here and there, to keep it going. Just post your schemes in the comments, with as much or as little explanation/detail as you see fit. At the end of October and Villain Awareness Month, I’ll make a master list of all the schemes and see how far we got.

(I realize that this would have been better to start at the beginning of the month, but unfortunately ideas don’t always cooperate with timelines. So we’ll just have to make do.)

So get your most diabolical, master-minding, ingenious juices flowing and share the brilliance of your evil schemes!

I’ll start it off:

  1. Take over the world.
  2. Make a robot army so that the government will give me $100 billion.
  3. Rig the cafeteria toaster so that all toast comes out burnt, no matter how low the setting.
  4. Flood the city so that everyone will be forced to pay me to use my ferry.
  5. Replace all the world’s supply of coffee with decaf.

Have fun with it. Nothing’s too outrageous to be evil!

“Evil doesn’t always have to be on a big scale. You can spread evil in the little things you do everyday.”

-Professor Gevaarlijk (Phineas and Ferb)

What are your evil schemes?

May all your schemes, fiendish or otherwise, not be thwarted before they’ve even begun.



Do you have any Halloween or villain related posts you’d like to share? Send me a link in the comments or at valourborn@gmail.com. I’d love to check it out!


6 thoughts on “100 Evil Schemes

  1. Haha, number 3 really made me giggle.

    I’m gonna go with a paranormal theme, since this is for Halloween (;

    All Hallows Eve. The passing of all souls. It is said that on this day, in the dead of night, you can connect with the evil spirits, those trapped and tormented souls, to make them do your bidding – if you have the key to open up the veil. Who could stop my lust for power if I controlled the dead?
    1) Research the key. Upon doing that, I know that it is a not a physical key, but rather an action. I must commit the most savage and unjust act on one of purity within a ring of lit candles. I must murder a young virgin. Apparently, it is the virgin’s scream that rips open the veil, and the lights will guide the spirits to me.
    2) I find and kidnap a young girl.
    3) I murder her amid the circle of candles. (Who knew blood could be so messy!?)
    4) See the spirits, and introduce myself. You’ve got to be polite, right?
    5) Realise this was a stupid plan, for the dead wish only to sleep and pass on, and hate any who try to prevent them from doing so. I can hear them and see them constantly, they forever haunt me, and drive me insane to the point where I can bear it no more and kill myself. Well, that backfired. Whoops.

  2. Step 1: Hijack someone’s facebook acount.
    Step 2: Browse through photos of people of opposite sex.
    Step 3: Like photos that are >1 year old.
    I am the devil incarnate.

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