Spooky Songs for the Halloween Season

UPDATED! Sooo… I just found out today that the official version of this post which was actually published on my blog was missing three songs that I had originally added to the post. I am so ticked off. I put all that work into it and yet it doesn’t even publish the full version! Agh! My mom says it’s probably a villain messing with me. I agree with her. Stupid villains. This is what I get for dedicating a whole month to them? Anyways, sorry about all this. I hope you enjoy the three missing songs.


There are lots of shows and movies that I traditionally watch every Halloween season, but there are also many songs that I love to listen to once October rolls around. Though Halloween-themed music isn’t a plentiful as Christmas music (which seems to mostly take the same few songs and make dozens of different versions of it), there are still a few great songs that get you into the spirit of Halloween.

The Monster Mash:

Who doesn’t love dancing with a bunch of monsters at this time of year? The Monster Mash by Bobby “Boris” Pickett is a classic Halloween song and you gotta listen to it at least once before October’s up.

UPDATE! Witch Doctor:

If you need some advice on love, the witch doctor’s the man you wanna see. This song is just a lot of fun and pretty catchy too, and was created by the man behind the Chipmunks, whose stage name was David Seville.

UPDATE! The Purple People Eater:

Another oldie, but a goodie. I always had the most interesting mental images listening to this song as a kid… It’s probably good that I never saw this picture when I was little. Anyways, this song by Sheb Wooley is a lot of fun this time of year.

UPDATE! Thriller:

This song by Michael Jackson became wildly popular when it was released, even winning a Guinness World Record in 2006 for the most successful music video. It’s a spooky song perfect for Halloween and great for setting a party mood.


Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters! This ghost-themed song by Ray Parker Jr. is pure fun and a funky 80s beat. One of these days, I gotta watch the movies.

One Good Scare Out to do ya Some Good:

From the Phineas and Ferb episode by the same name, this song is full of great humour and a catchy rhythm. To think that the purpose of the entire song was to cure Isabella’s hiccups…

These are just some of my favourites, but there are lots more great tunes to listen to this time of year if you’re looking for something ghoulish to set a mood.

What songs do you know that fit the Halloween theme?

May you find much music this time of year to add to your Halloween festivities.



Have any Halloween or villain related posts you’d like to share? Send me a link in the comments or at valourborn@gmail.com. I’d love to check it out!


3 thoughts on “Spooky Songs for the Halloween Season

  1. Haha, that last one! I’ve never seen/heard it before. Answering your question: Rockwell – Somebody’s Watching Me!

  2. Reblogged this on Valourbörn and commented:

    Reblogging because of a publishing issue. Basically, three of the songs I *thought* had been included in the final version were inexplicably missing… so here’s the updated post with the three songs added in.

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