Coming Soon to Valourbörn: October 2013


I am huge on Halloween. I love everything about it–the pumpkin carving, costume making, haunted houses, pumpkin-flavoured foods, magic, spookiness, darkness, and villains.

Oh yeah, I love me a good villain.

Usually, Valourbörn is all about the heroes–the good they do and the inspiration they provide–but we can’t forget that they wouldn’t be heroes if they didn’t have villains to fight. And what better time to celebrate the hard work of these relentless villains? How about the month that is notorious for its themes of darkness and evil?

So this October, the villains will be taking over. It’ll be four weeks of the nastiest, cruelest, most diabolical fiends ever to fight a hero. It’ll include show-downs and voting, and also a few heart-wrenching tales of villainous tragedies that will make you appreciate the struggles villains must go through to make our beloved heroes look so good.

Now, I’m aware that not everyone appreciates villains quite as much as I do (this is for you, mom), so I’ll have plenty of other things for those less evilly inclined. Most of them will be Halloween or fall-oriented, because it is indeed my favourite time of year, but Language of the Small Folk and perhaps some stories of things going on in my life will still appear here and there, if that’s more your thing. Perhaps some fall photography too.

Here’s a run-down of all the things I plan to include this October:

  • Villain awareness–stories and competitions
  • Costume and pumpkin carving updates as Halloween approaches
  • Delicious kitchen spells (aka recipes, but they feel as complicated as magic to someone as culinarily-challenged as me)
  • Halloween lore–on customs and symbols
  • Fall photos of forest adventures
  • Monologues, schemes, and lairs
  • Henchmen how-tos

I might add in some spontaneous things that come to mind, but these are all things that I’d love to do during the month of October.

Are you enthusiastic about Halloween or fall too? If you have anything Halloween/fall-related, shoot me a link! I’d be glad to reblog it here. You can comment on Valourbörn directly or email me at, whichever you prefer.

Now, for tonight, I’m off to catch up on some sleep.

What are you most excited about this fall?

May you always hold enthusiasm for things yet to come and be filled with optimism for tomorrow.



2 thoughts on “Coming Soon to Valourbörn: October 2013

  1. Sounds great! I’m looking forward to it :) I think villains are very misunderstood and unappreciated in stories. More often than not, I find them and their personal story far more fascinating than the hero’s.

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