Heroes: A Valourborn Project

Timing is everything, as Mental Gaming shows with his hero post. This is his story of how many different heroes walking into his life have shaped his own personal growth. Enjoy!

Mental Gaming

It’s been a long interlude since I had time to think about Valourborn’s Heroes project, but my summer job is finally finished, I’m back at school, and I now have the time to ponder what characters I attached myself to as I grew up.

The conclusion I’ve come to? It actually comes down to a specific time period and what stories you were exposed to then. All the heroes that I brainstormed – Zack Fair from Crisis Core: FF7, Neku Sakuraba from The World Ends With You, Wataru and Mitsuru from Miyuki Miyabe’s novel Brave Story, even Zael in The Last Story – were characters I grew to know in an 18-month span between the end of 11th grade and my matriculation to college.


They all share certain traits, but plenty of others do as well. When I finally focused on Zack and Neku, I recognized…

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2 thoughts on “Heroes: A Valourborn Project

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Thank you so much for the reblog. If you come up with any project ideas like this in the future, I’ll be happy to participate again!

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