One of My Places

So while I was away on my three week vacation, I did some travelling west to visit my friend. I really haven’t done much travelling in my lifetime, and so much of the landscape I’ve witnessed is pretty flat, with maybe some rolling hills here and there. This time, though, I travelled far enough west to see a whole new landscape: the Rocky Mountains.

I’ve never actually seen mountains in real life, so this was an incredible experience for me. It was amazing to drive along the road and see them getting larger and more distinct on the horizon, and then to get out and see them all around me, big and beautiful and totally real. And then, after a bit more driving, to actually get to hike in the mountains–that was downright awesome.

I remember standing in the parking lot of one of our pit stops, breathing in the fresh countryside air and turning 180 degrees, admiring the mountains ahead of me and thinking, Holy cow, this is real. I’m actually looking at mountains. I let it sink in for a few minutes, trying to sear the image into my mind, and then had an even better thought:

My character in my book–she’s doing the exact same thing right now.

Remember my post “Walk In My Footsteps“, where I said that I was walking beside the heroes in my story in the forest? It was the exact same thing. See, the characters I write about only walked through the forest in order to reach the mountains–their final destination. So the fact that was looking at mountains, that they were going to be my destination, made me feel again as if I was standing right beside my character, taking in the same sights and feeling the same awe as she was.

I love it when I get out of the house.

I spent that day feeling a lot like a hero, imagining what I would be thinking and feeling if I was on a quest to get to the mountains, and I realized that there are certain places in the world that have that sort of effect on us. There are places that are powerful, whose stories resound loudly in our souls. There are places that make us into their heroes. They put the knowledge in our hearts that we are something great, that we will do or have done something worth remembering, and that we will be someone’s hero, one day.

For me, I’ve felt like a hero while walking through trees and while travelling to distant mountains. They’re places I relate to, places I associate with the heroism that I’ve created with my words. These places speak to me, and they make me feel just a little more connected to the dreams I’ve imagined for myself.

I hope that you all can find at least one place in your lives where you feel like a hero. Where you feel like you’re worth the world and you remember that you’ve done something great. Where you know that you’re important to somebody out there, whether you know it or not. Where you realize that there is a story waiting for its hero.

A place where you feel connected to your dreams, and where you will make it your quest to never let them go.

I’m grateful to have found some of those places in my life. Especially places that relate to my book–this book that has been a work in progress for two years and seven months, with which I frequently struggle. Those places that make me feel like a hero remind me that I’m doing something right with my writing, and that’s some of the best encouragement I could ask for.

Do you have a place where you feel like a hero?

May you find somewhere in your life that connects you to your dreams and speaks loudly to your soul.



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