Twenty-Something Days Later…

Hello hello. Sorry for the three weeks of silence. I was off doing fun summer things, like travelling and spending time at the cottage, and before I left, I thought to myself, “I’m sure I’ll have some downtime to write a post or two, and maybe I can schedule some things to post on the days I’m busy. They’ll never know I was away!” I thought I would be clever. Not so much.

Truth is, I really didn’t get any “downtime”. I had a lot of relaxing afternoons and lazy evenings, but I was always doing something else. Writing or drawing or watching excellent TV shows (Reichenbach Fall, anyone?). Taking a break from my routine made all my creativity come out and it really needed to express itself. So I enjoyed quite a bit of idea-making and feel so much better for it.

That being said, I’m ready to get back to normal. It’ll take me a little while to catch up on everything here (you bloggers write a lot of great stuff!) so please be patient as my likes and comments slowly roll in. Luckily, my creative high let me come up with several posts for Valourbörn, so hopefully I’ll be able to pump out quite a few pieces in the next couple weeks before school and get all caught up.

In other news, autumn is coming! It’s my favourite season, and happens to be my most productive. For some reason, my imagination works just a little bit better in the fall, which means that big and bright things should (fingers crossed) be coming to Valourbörn as the leaves slowly change colour and Halloween approaches.

Anyways, I’ve got an early morning tomorrow so I should get some sleep. I’ll try to have a post up tomorrow evening, so hang tight.

May your last few days of summer be full of resting up and letting loose the creativity.



2 thoughts on “Twenty-Something Days Later…

  1. Welcome back! We all need to “switch off” every once in awhile. Anyway, will we be expecting some horror-themed stories as Halloween draws near? :P

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