Heroes: A Valourbörn Project

PP1MT wrote about one of his favourite heroes and how that hero has had an influence on his life. It’s an inspiring story and 100% worth a read! Thanks PewPew!

The PewPew Diaries.

So… I accepted a task where I was supposed to write about my hero. Damn, its tough. I’ve been on the receiving end of many heroic acts, online or IRL, and my heroes exists both in the fictional world and the real world.

They come from so many places: My past, the games I’ve played, my family members, my friends, anime… I’ve had so many heroes that Stan Lee has nothing on my “indie” hero collection.

Just kidding.

But this time I want to talk about someone special; someone I never thought would have inspired me.
Someone I created.

No, it’s not my baby.

It’s the character I created. I know it sounds incredibly narcissistic to claim that my hero is indirectly myself, but before you think that I’m some blithering posh infidel trying to further inflate my ego…


The claim might seem silly to people. But…

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