What’s Your Genre?

As I’ve been thinking more and more about the adventure I plan to embark upon with this blog, as well as the adventurer I would like to become, I’ve realized something about my presentation that I wasn’t consciously aware of before.

Whenever I talk about adventurers and heroes, I’m talking in a medieval/fantasy sense. I’ve realized that that’s just how my brain works. I live half in a fantasy world, because that’s where I find the most freedom. My eyes and my words are automatically set to create scenes that belong to the fantasy genre. This is all well and good, because everyone has their own genre, but I’d like to expand my mind past the world of fantasy, just for a moment.

Not all heroes wield swords. Not all adventurers use magic. Not all challenges are dragons. The world is made of so many different colours, so many different people, and genres, and interests, and viewpoints–and so even though I instinctively picture a hero as being a medieval knight, someone else is going to picture something different.

I’m going to continue my adventure with a fantasy viewpoint, because that’s how I think and write and live. My heroic self will have a sword, and probably magic, because that’s how my brain is wired. My adventure will have a few dragons in it,too, but maybe yours won’t.

I’m going to try to always deliver a message that speaks to all genres and all forms of adventures and all types of heroes. I hope that, even if your vision is different from mine, you’ll still be able to relate to the deeper meanings of my adventures.

When I start my adventure with you, I hope you always feel free to share your own experiences and outlook, no matter the genre. An adventure is an adventure. A hero is a hero. Everything else doesn’t matter too terribly much.

Now, I’m off to bed. I’ve got adventures awaiting me tomorrow.

What’s your genre?

May you always stay true to yourself and to your genre, no matter what it may be.



2 thoughts on “What’s Your Genre?

  1. Alex, just a thought, what genre would you classify the fool skipping playing the tin whistle!!!!!!!!!! Aunt Catherine would like to know!!!!!!!

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