Trade You For A Smile

Easter is later today (being half past midnight) and that means painted eggs, chocolate and jelly beans, and the Easter Bunny.

The Easter Bunny has a lot of different faces. Some people think he’s a big pink rabbit that can stand on two legs, others think he’s small and white and carries a basket of eggs–and then there’s Bunnymund from the movie Rise of the Guardians. No matter the appearance, he serves the same purpose: delivering gifts and chocolates to children around the world.

The Easter Bunny never misses a house. He carries his gifts with him everywhere he goes, all across the world, knocking on doors and windows. It doesn’t matter who lives in the house. Children, teenagers, adults, elders; family, couple, or single–he will always come knocking.

It just depends if you let him in.

He isn’t disruptive. He won’t wake your children, and he won’t mess up any of the furniture. He doesn’t ask for food or drink, doesn’t need to use the washroom, and doesn’t track mud down the halls. In fact, he won’t say a word while he’s there. He just hops in, quiet and respectful, and leaves bright-coloured eggs, some goodies, and maybe a small gift or two. He takes special care of children, because he knows how much they love him, but he always has a gift for the older crowd, too. He loves to give, and doesn’t ask for very much in return, but there is one thing he requests: a smile.

Just one smile, if you can spare it. It doesn’t have to be big, you don’t have to show your teeth, but even the smallest half-grin will do. He knows that the smile is the seed, which will grow and blossom until it fills you head to toe.

The Easter Bunny’s true goal, the very reason for all his giving, is just to make you happy. If only for one day, or five minutes, or just a split second, he can make you a little happier than usual, he’s done his job.

And, secretly, deep down inside, he hopes that you’ll also say thank you.

It doesn’t matter what you’re thankful for. Family, nature, springtime, good health, chocolate–anything that makes you happy, that makes you smile, that makes you laugh and sing and dance. If you can spare just one smile, and just one quiet thank you, well, you’ve made the Easter Bunny a pretty happy guy.

Because that’s all that’s in his basket–not eggs, not jelly beans, not chocolate–just happiness.


The Easter Bunny gave me an early gift this year. He gave me the chocolate nests in the picture above, which I worked on with my mom. He gave me an evening and an afternoon with family, with good food, good people, and good memories. He’s already given me smiles and laughter, and I can’t wait to see what he’ll give me later today. I can’t remember ever being this excited for Easter–not even when I was a kid.

Thank you, Easter Bunny, for everything.

What has the Easter Bunny given you this year?

May you always let the Easter Bunny in, and find the time to smile. :)



2 thoughts on “Trade You For A Smile

  1. Well said, more often than not it’s the little smiles that are needed most, everyone in one location was the best gift this Easter. Thank you Easter Bunny!

    • Having family together is the best way I can think of to celebrate such a beautiful time of year. Smiles are contagious when everyone’s in one place, too, which is fantastic. Happy Easter! :)

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