The Shadow’s Heart

IMG_0787When I was young, simple things like marbles fascinated me. I collected them whenever I could and admired them from afar when I couldn’t, and I was enchanted by their beauty. I loved the ones with the swirling colours and special designs, which looked like they had strange ribbons trapped beneath the surface, but I was most captivated by the ones like the marble pictured above.

Those ones, when viewed casually, were simple, unadorned, and dark in colour. They boasted no design that set them apart as unique. But if you looked at them in the right lighting, you would see, in the midst of their own shadows, spots of bright coloured light glowing pure and vibrant.

To my young eyes, this was an obvious and amazing sign of magic. Clearly, these marbles possessed some special power, to be able to glow with their own light even though they were so darkly coloured and so plain.

And so, by simply holding a glowing glass marble in my hand, I was holding unknown magic power.

It’s been years since I last got a new marble to add to my collection, but the magic is still the same. I still admire that bright spot of colour, shining in the shadow, and wonder at what is contained within that marble. Where does the light come from? What secrets does that marble hold?

Magic does not fade, and it shines most brightly in the darkness. These are things I try to remember as I continue along my adventure, and it helps to always keep a marble nearby.

What simple things can you think of that possess some sort of magic? Did you or do you collect magic objects?

May you always see the magic in the shadows as it glows from deep within.



5 thoughts on “The Shadow’s Heart

  1. Alex, you are a beautiful writer. It is a joy to read your writing. Keep your style alive and write with the passion that is in you. You have a gift to share. Best wishes to you.

  2. Thank you very much. It is always inspiring and encouraging for me to hear these words from others, and it reminds me to always have faith in myself, even if it’s tough. Many good wishes to you in return.

    “If you continually give, you will continually receive.” :)

  3. What a gifted and talented writer you are! I so enjoy reading your stories amd marvel at your imagination. Thankyou for sharing.Hope you always keep your passions alive and persue your dreams! Great Aunt Jackie.

    • Thank you very much! I love sharing my stories with others and appreciate all the great support from my readers. I look forward to sharing my adventure with you :)

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